How old are you?

I’ve just turned 30.

What do you enjoy in an encounter?

I absolutely love what I do, and my preferences in an encounter varies day by day…  I just like to try new things with new people! I do love a VIP date though; There’s something about exploring new kinks & fetish that’s really a turn on for me!

Why do you need my name/personal info?

I understand and respect the need to be discreet, especially in this sort of arrangement; however, for my own safety and security I must ask for this basic info to help screen and verify who I’m meeting. Your information is completely safe as long as I am of course, I simply like to know with whom I am trusting myself, my intimacy, and often times, my private location.

Why don’t you post a contact number?

I prefer to contact via email initially. I find it to be more discreet for me to make arrangements this way rather than on my phone or text. I am not always available to answer my phone and talk freely/discreetly, but my emails do come to it so I am able to reply asap, and in the order they were received

Can I make a request?

Of course! I take pride in fully indulging your fantasies, so I love when you share them with me! Whether it be an outfit or accessory, or another type of request, I do aim to please!

Why do you blur or hide your face?

We all appreciate discretion, and being a known face in town has its ups- and downsides, as I’m sure you can understand. Also,while I am happy and comfortable to be in the adult business, some relatives and/or acquaintances may not like to know or be able to fully understand this aspect of my life. So, to protect them from having to answer some uncomfortable questions about my choices, I find it easier to blur my face.

Are your pictures real?

I find I get this question more when I post only professional pictures in my ads. My pictures are, and always have been, real and recent. I do have active social media accounts (@MsMandaHfx), as well as many reviews from my time in this profession that can verify their accuracy. To me, honesty and transparency are very important in ensuring we both enjoy ourselves if we do meet.

What Is YMMV?

YMMV stands for Your Mileage May Very, Meaning that a number of factors may affect how our encounter plays out. I would never discriminate over physical factors, age, ethnicity, size, etc.. I am referring to hygiene, (fresh breath and an extra scrub go a long way!) attitude, respect.. For the most part, the more considerate and fresh you are, the closer I like to get with you!