Introductions are in order...

In case we've not yet had the pleasure, a brief introduction..

I'm MsManda; an energetic & established, independent Halifax escort and travelling companion in my late twenties, based in the beautiful city of Halifax, NS, and available ~ by invite~ to a city near you!

I chose to become professional companion mainly for the freedom it allows, but also for my personal need for variety. I’m rather eclectic, and tend to gravitate towards the odd or unusual, in life and in company; but who doesn’t like to switch things up a bit! Stepping out of our comfort zones to explore new personalities, experiences, tastes, is what life is all about!

It's my philosophy that one should not be ashamed of their passions and quirks, but rather recognize and embrace them.. Be bold and see where it leads you! I don’t believe that one can truly conceal their desires, nor should they have to; but, I can also understand that certain lifestyles may not allow for your true passions to be unearthed.

I delight in being your confidant; tell me your secrets, beyond these walls, nobody ever has to know..

The most rewarding part of being a Halifax escort /companion is truly connecting with new people on a deeper level. I have a passion for pleasing and entertaining respectful company; it’s reflected in the moments we'll create. Lets unwind, get lost in each other and the moment..
I am confident, with a genuine, down to earth, girl next door personality that is sure to ease your tensions; but, also a sly wit & mischievously playful side that loves to be provoked and unleashed.

I stand at an athletic 5’6 (minus heels),  with all natural 32D, on my lightly tan, toned, and moderately tattooed/pierced body that I’d love to model for you; I’m sure you’ll fall for my sparkling blue/green eyes and classic Hollywood smile as well! I take pride in my overall appearance and, more specifically, hygiene; as I’m sure you do too. I'm always dressed discretely and appropriately for the occasion, and am happy to accommodate your ideas if you happen to have a special request in mind too!

As an eclectic; I'm not a personality that easily fits in a box. I enjoy learning about varied subjects, and am a passionate bookworm, but I also love getting out and exploring the sights, especially in great company!
More likely to find me with a latte in a bookstore than at a bar; I enjoy spending time with intellectual souls who appreciate a curious mind, yearning for your.. knowledge, among other things...

Being native to Atlantic Canada, and a country girl at heart, I definitely have a soft spot for nature and the ocean, and do enjoy hiking & exploring the outdoors, especially if there is a waterfall at the end of our trek!

I'm happy to take a long, scenic hike, and finish up the day with a warm drink while we watch the sun go down together, or meet in a city of your choice; ready to explore, and taste the local flavors.. As comfortable in my beloved heels as well as I am in my sneakers; let's find new adentures - it's the company that'll truly make the experience!

Feel free to peek around, then send me a note, to see where our adventures could lead us! xox
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