Thank you for taking the time to read over my etiquette preferences prior to booking. Here are a few things to make arranging our encounter a bit easier:

Contacting Me

I do prefer email contact initially, and for my phone number to remain discreet.  But I do also like to get to know each other and establish a bit of rapport before we meet!

Please introduce yourself with your preferred date/time, full name, age,  and just a bit about yourself  so I have an idea of who I might be spending time with. As well, your board handle, a recent reference from a reputable provider (if you happen have one), style and duration of encounter help to ensure a  prompt response.
*References and forum handles are handy if you have them, but not always required (within Canada).

I encourage you to share with me your desires to allow me to fully indulge in them with you.. This does not mean sending me explicit pics, stories or attempting to dirty chat with me.  Keep it classy folks!

*One line messages such as ” you available now” or “hey” will not be acknowledged..  Full sentences are sexy!

Arranging A Date

Being a lower volume provider, I do prefer to schedule our time in advance. Same day requests may be accommodated with a minimum of 60/90 mins notice to prepare, and depending on availability; but advance notice  (24+hrs)  does work best for me, particularly with new guests. It gives us a chance to get to know each other's personalities and expectations a bit before we meet, and ensure we are compatible.

*Requests for times not shown on my Calendar page may be accommodated with advance notice


Sometimes, even with the best laid plans, things can come up, and I am very understanding of this.  Just let me know if you may be late or need to cancel/reschedule, and I will always do what I can to accommodate the change in plans. Likewise, if I were to be late or have something arise, I would let you know ASAP.

I am never upset if you cancel with a bit of notice, but failing to do so/not showing up will result in in a cancellation fee and/or deposit in order to hold another time for you.

*Compulsive cancelers will also require a deposit to secure a future time.


Please have the donation amount ready at the beginning of our encounter, preferably in plain view in a small gift bag, unsealed envelope or card.  I prefer to take care of the formality first, and then we can really get comfortable! And having me ask for it can be an awkward start for us both..

I can usually accommodate if you decide you’d like to extend our date (or add something kinky to it) once we meet! Please be advised that my rates do apply to our time spent together and vary by style of date, so you may wish to have an additional fee handy in order to do so. I am not a clockwatcher by any means, but do appreciate my guests respecting the time frames we have agreed upon

I will always be freshly prepared for our encounter, as I would hope you are too :p Coming over from the office with coffee breath? Not to fret! I always have a shower, various amenities, and even a new shower pouf available for you to use before/after our date to help you refresh before or after our date.

I rarely drink, so at most I may share a glass of wine with you, from a bottle opened in my presence. You're welcome to indulge of course, but in moderation please, as I am not comfortable seeing anyone intoxicated, be it on alcohol or drugs.

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